We build our know-how of aluminum frame production gradually in 15 years, and we are still progressing. Pursuing the goal of perfection, precision and beauty, we set our standard high. The pursuit of perfection starts from material. We have a good supply chain of vendors to offer us the best materials and everything we need to offer you a top notch frame. We select our vendors with caution to make sure they are quality vendors delivering outstanding products, and this is also an advantage of being located in the core of Taiwan bike industry.

In order to make the frame as precise as possible, tubes are mainly mitered by CNC machines to ensure the gaps between the tubes are as small as possible, the tighter the gaps are, the smaller the welding deformation. We also put lots of ideas in designing jigs depends on frame design for each model to control the deformation.


    We care about how stiff our frame is, how precise it is, how beautiful the weld looks; the list can go on and on. We still continue progressing to make our products even better and adapt ourselves to reach higher requirements set by the market.

    Every stage of production has in-process inspection to ensure the product is up to par before moving to the same stage. You will never know how vivid and lively your frame ride like after it’s taken out from Genio’s box.