Formed by just a couple of guys who are passionate about frame fabrication and have sophisticated experience in the bike industry for more than 20 years, Genio was established in 1999 as a small operation. After 1.5 decade, we have grown to around 180 employees who dedicate ourselves to offer top notch frames to the market. We are now one of the best frame manufacturers in the bike industry.


    Located in Taichung Taiwan, the core city of high end bicycle manufacturing in the world, we build aluminum and carbon frames here with the most advanced bicycle frame supply chain for tubing, forgings, CNC parts, tooling and comestic finish. All the best suppliers in the world are gathered here to build your dream frame. We build a wide variety of frames, however, our specialty is suspension frame manufacturing and it’s also our favorite category.


    With the foundation of being an OEM manufacturer for many famous brands, we also develop some open models in-house. It’s such an interesting and fun journey to start something from zero to finish the build and take them out to the trail to test. Yes, we test our design and ride our frame like you do.  


    After gaining a strong following for alloy production and sense the change in the high end suspension market, we decided to set up our carbon factory. We now have both alloy and carbon manufacturing facility and are capable of delivering high end frames in both materials.  


    The soul of any bike is its frame. With sophisticated experience and passion for mountain bike and manufacturing make us one of the best frame makers in the world.