Carbon frame manufacturing is a bit tricky, which is a totally different story compared to alloy frame manufacturing. Despite of extensive experience in aluminum frame production, we invested time and money to build our carbon manufacturing system and know-how. Our innovation enables us to offer our customers top notch carbon frame just like our alloy frame. Our aim of perfection is never compromised. Now is our time to get reward and enjoy the achievement.

    Our carbon frame is made with EPS molding technique, which uses a foam core that is wrapped by bladder and carbon fiber in layers before being placed in the mould. The EPS core is shaped to match the inside dimension of frame which allows for better layup design, more accurate wall thickness, and lower defect rate. This is not a secret technology in the bike industry, but we also develop our know-how on the EPS system to perfect this technology.

Carbon bicycle frame is one of the most difficult carbon fiber application because making the perfect frame requires full understanding of the various forces that put stress on the frame during riding. This why even though we produce carbon frame, but we always tell our customers that we are not a composite company, but a bicycle frame manufacturer that makes a quality carbon fiber frame.